Saturday, October 4, 2014

Best Tips on Caring for Decorator and Accent Pillows

How to Care For Decorator Pillows:

If you're like me, you always wonder what's the best way to freshen up or clean pillows.  Do I send them to the dry cleaners?  Do I try to wash them myself?  Do they need washing, or just freshening up?  Well, I did some research, and here's what I found: 

The best tips for taking care of all your special pillows

  •     Fluff in dryer with 2 or 3 clean tennis balls wrapped in white socks
  •      If soiled and there is no care label, check with your dry cleaner first
  •      Handmade pillows—remove any buttons or attached decorative pieces if possible, then launder on gentle setting using liquid detergent, and fluff in dryer
  •       Wash more than one pillow at once to balance the washer
  •      Does the tag say it can be laundered?  If so, place pillow inside a clean white pillowcase so that any hand stitching will not be compromised by the washing process.
  •        If you wish to hand wash to be absolutely safe rather than use the washing machine, make sure you do not twist or squeeze hard.  Gentle is the name of this game.
  •        Hand wash using hot water in a clean sink (dust mites will die in hot water without the use of chemicals)
  •      Use Woolite or some similar gentle detergent
  •      Push pillow up and down and flip over several times to hand agitate
  •      Rinse with warm or cool water—do this until no soap is present and water is clear
  •     To freshen pillows only, hang outside in the sunshine to air out.  A dry windy day works well, too.
If in doubt, or if pillow is delicate and has decorations that cannot be removed, check with your dry cleaner to find the best course of action for your particular item.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vintage Wooden Pepsi Crate

Old Pepsi Crate

This Pepsi Crate came from a local store that operated during the 50's and 60's.  UPDATE:  This one has sold out, but I'm always looking for more!  In the meantime, check out the beautiful Christmas centerpiece instructions below.  Also, more creative uses for soda crates from housetohomeblog below:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beautiful White Crochet Star Pattern Doily

Nothing conveys nostalgic charm quite like crocheted doilies.  They soften and subtly accent without overwhelming whatever you wish to showcase.  Show off a delicate bud vase or treasured figurine; cushion a lamp, or adorn a dressing table or chair back.  You'll find lots of uses for these beautiful and versatile, handmade pieces of vintage needle art.  This one was made in the late 40's or early 50's, and shows the maker's expertise.  

If you'd like to learn to crochet a doily for yourself, here's a good tutorial to get you started.

 Both my grandmothers were accomplished needle artists.  This doily reminded me of their work.

Decorating With Vintage Doilies

Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Use Old Mason Jars, Canning and Fruit Jars, and all sorts of other great info!

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

                                    Rare Turquoise Quick Seal Canning Jar

Learn How To Make Rustic Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

Over 60 Mason Jar Wedding Ideas!

Discover More Vintage Kitchen Items

  RoyalTrademark Full Measure Registered Clear Glass Canning Jar

Royal Trademark Canning Jars had very pretty logos!  This one I found just recently.  Click Here

Best Price for the Ultimate Canning Jar Reference Guide:
Red Book No. 11  the Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars
by Douglas M. Leybourne, Jr.
(hint:  it's a whole lot cheaper here than any shopping website!)

Rare Hazel Atlas Half Pint Canning Jar

This is a cute little canning jar in great condition!
The sides are unembossed, but the Hazel Atlas Hallmark is clearly embossed on the bottom.
Want to know more about American canning jars?  Discover more

Vintage Egg Beater in Great Condition

A&J Hi-Speed Egg Beater with Red Bakelite Handles

This is a beauty!  It is in great condition and would make a wonderful addition to a vintage kitchen.  The cheery red handles give an awesome pop of color to this piece of baking history.  It still works like a dream!  Learn more here

Vintage Rolling Pin - Maple

Vintage Maple Rolling Pin

I remember watching as my Mom, outfitted in her pretty apron, rolled out pie dough and cookies with the help of one of these indispensable baking tools.  I have always admired the materials used, and the workmanship of the items from this era.

This beautiful baking helper from days gone by has a wonderful rich honey gold color.  It measures approx. 17" from handle tip to handle tip.  The body of the rolling pin is approx. 2.25" in diameter, and 10" long.  The graceful handles are approx. 3.25" long, and are comfortable to grasp.

The condition is excellent with just the right patina.  Even though it was made long ago, its beauty, form and function work well in any style kitchen.

This and more vintage items Here

Grandma Pearl